Aero B'n'B and are Aero Studio Business company trading names in tourist sector mainly open for marketing in tourism.

The stream that Aero Studio Business ltd wishes to stream with its trading Aero B’n’B via its tourist web portals and are matching landlords and lodgers of holiday houses and holiday apartments. Landlords of holiday homes can be private individuals or companies. The same is valid for potential tenants. Images can be attached to all adverts, to describe the object or the surroundings (e.g. photos or ground plans). and are totally free of costs for all tenants. 

To offer holiday homes on and is similar to the process of advertising them in a newspaper. To offer objects, you first need to register for free. It goes without saying, that your data will never be given to third parties. If you are already registered, you can login by “Login” and create new adverts for objects. Of course you can also delete them later, if you don't want to advertise anymore. The availability calendar allows you to display the available or booked periods for the object to potential tenants.


The landlords advertise their accommodations independently and are solely responsible for the content. Neither the landlord nor the offered accommodations will be checked locally. Hence, we highly recommend to check the landlord's seriousness/reliability. Please check if the landlord has specified a landline number.


Call the landlord and ask about things which can only know the landlord. Many landlords have their own website, ask for this website and for details of the accommodation. Further, you should request a signed lease contract, before making the payment and get the exact address of the rental object and instructions for arrival.


It is very important to notice that web page Administrator is the one that is approving each of the advertisement, and holds all privileges to modify/suspend/delete any malicious/misleading/forger advertisement without any of explanation or refund to the Landlord.