How does Aero B’n’B and Croatia4tourists.com work for Guests?

Aero B’n’B / Croatia4tourists.com Guest


Finding your ideal accommodation is simple and easy! As a Guest, you can choose which property suits your needs, and with our large choice of property listings, you can find almost anything. Whether you’re looking for a single bedroom or a large apartment, hotel or hostel, we have that all covered! All you have to do is to search our web page and send the inquiry.

Here’s a summary on how Aero B’n’B / Croatia4tourists.com works for you!


Step 1. Search for your dream accommodation.

  1. Simply sign up as a member or sign-in with your existing Aero B’n’B account. On the Homepage, enter your destination, check-in/ check-out date and the total number of guests.
  2. Click on the Search button to check the available property listings.
  3. Select from the list of properties.
  4. To get more information about a specific property listing, please click on it.


Step 2. Send an inquiry

Once you find your ideal property, you may click on the button “Send Inquiry”.

You will not be charged by the system at this point and any other further step.


Step 3. Correspondence

After sending inquiry all you have to do it wait for direct response from the house owner, and make direct arrangements with him (availability, total price, discount, payments, arrival etc.)



How does Aero B’n’B / Croatia4tourists.com work for Owners?

Aero B’n’B / Croatia4tourists.com Owners
To offer holiday homes on www.aero-bnb.com and www.croatia4tourists.com is similar to the process of advertising them in a newspaper. To offer objects, you first need to register for free. It goes without saying, that your data will never be given to third parties. If you are already registered, you can login by “Login” and create new adverts for objects. Of course you can also delete them later, if you don't want to advertise anymore. The availability calendar allows you to display the available or booked periods for the object to potential tenants.


The landlords advertise their accommodations independently and are solely responsible for the content. Neither the landlord nor the offered accommodations will be checked locally. Hence, we highly recommend to check the landlord's seriousness/reliability.


Aero B'n'B / Croatia4tourists.com does not:


Aero B'n'B / Croatia4tourists.com does charge for advertisement privelages:


All payments are payable per issued proforma invoice for the listing to be approved.