Apartment Pula Jazzy (4+2)/3 bedrooms

Apartment - Luxurious Room / Apartment · Medulinska 15b, Apartment, Pula-52100, Istria, Croatia

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sfdsfdsfdsf http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing3/th6_08b464f27a93c0e3c3145a1b5c36e12e.jpeg http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_25565213299c8db61df6df9509985642.jpeg http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing1/th6_a1833aab32ae5e9f6944492657321ad9.jpg Living room pic 3 http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing1/th6_25af2dc4b8ad009fe3bf71d8d5395b5f.jpg Living room pic 2 http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing1/th6_0fb18600224a0ba18b045c7e6192683e.jpg Living room pic 2 http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing1/th6_b4aecbb49426b0a3df56b3c9c7784cb7.jpeg Master bedroom pic 1 http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing1/th6_48a39f785169c07bfd0001f35750c32c.jpg Kitchen fully equipped http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing1/th6_37f9ddec79df3f80f6c675ed64b79d19.jpg http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing1/th6_4807ea527c060b75d3fcd197f4c71e71.jpg http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing1/th6_1c9dbe30ae75c0eeb398626185c7e0c8.jpg Bathroom pic 1 http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_caf64353376c1b4936adb5c51cdc4f2e.jpg Dining area indoor http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_4f8817e2513ea0090c626ea0539d27c9.jpg Dining table indoor http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_5af19ad72c9070f3dc8b55db26fb2735.jpg Sailor room pic 1 http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_9a61f5316bfc17611ffebafcd0a710d4.jpg Sailor room pic 2 http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_40fc6e21cd4e8661b86cc929c55ede8d.jpg Sailor room pic 3 http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_ed39114c925866286fef3a9bb7460e08.jpg Sailor room exit to terrace http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_ce15a76b758bd7d17b05cbd886150990.jpg Extra room couch http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_6d5b729f40095fceae023d8d6b65056f.jpg Extra room couch extended http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_2b62ebb66603f00ac0533bad3e6fc6bd.jpg Detail http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_034433de3874083e6a16c3e8b26116ed.jpg Balcony breakfast/diner table http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_a479d329b49eabf4d3e494006e130f41.jpg Pet friendly http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_90ebc45899d82b3f705eecc47eea7105.jpg Hallway entrance http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_f38e9462eba149422092db42c4966647.jpg Balcony http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_29becd8e562187a501a71afe5c2a74eb.jpg Terrace with a gas BBQ http://www.aero-bnb.com/images/listing2/th6_9a74aca11af2ffcfd9ebaf5edd8bb794.jpg Logo
Designer decorated large (112m2) apartment for 4-6 people placed in Pula with 2 terraces. Easy to be reached by a car with 2 reserved parking lots. Sequestered position, occupying half of the top floor(3 floor) in an apartment building (penthouse). In the building you may find a restaurant (11-23 hours) that will for sure ease up your stay.
As only pictures can describe this apartment has an atmosphere of it's own. Smooth and relaxed perfect for your easy going vacation in Pula. Large living room with banana skin furniture connected with fully equiped kitchen, bedroom with a bamboo made double bed, another bedroom with two single beds (possible to join them), large bathtub bathroom and all of that in soothing colors is what makes this place special. There is an additional room with extendable couch fit for 2 people, two terraces overlooking both sides and all of that in 112 square meters. 2 parking places at back of the building are at you disposal.
We keep interaction at a minimum, welcome you in show you the place and leave you to enjoy it without no interference. In case of problems somebody is always available over the phone or internet. 
In case of longer stay arrangements will be made with our guests for additional (free of charge) cleaning. 
You can also enjoy privilege of daily cleaning included in price.
Jazzy Apartment is located in a quiet part of the ancient city of Pula some 1 km from center of town and 2,5 km from beaches.
Bus stop 50m from apartment but best way is to move by car. Main access road to Pula is 100 m away, or you can just walk those 800m to center of town, and 1km from a sea.
  • Room Types: Luxurious Room / Apartment
  • Bed Type: King Size Single
  • Beds: 4
  • Accommodates: 6
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Size: 112 square meters
  • Per night for each guest after 1 Guests: €0
  • Cleaning fees: €50
  • Minimum Stay: 3 Nights
  • Maximum Stay: 120 Nights
  • Check In: 3:00 PM
  • Check Out: 11:00 AM





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